U.S. Friends of the Soviet People is dedicated to supporting struggles to restore socialism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. USFSP is the U.S. affiliate to the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with the Soviet People. The International Council carries on the traditions of the “Hands Off Russia” committees that were established internationally in 1918 to help protect the young Soviet Republis from foreign intervention. The aim of all Friends of the Soviet People is international cooperation n  building socialism and solidarity with the anti=imperialist forces of the world who are struggling against U.S. Imperialism – the main enemy of humanity. 

USFSP acts as a unifying force to help consolidate and coordinate the anti-imperialist forces of the world with the ongoing movement to restore the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe as socialist states. We act as a unifying front, but are not a forum for ideological debates. The people of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe themselves will choose their paths toward socialism.