LPR holds military parade and Immortal Regiment march

The military parade, dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, was held at the Teatralnaya Square in the center of Lugansk.

The parade was attended by about 1,200 military personnel and law enforcement officers of the LPR, the Ministry for Emergency Situations, and the cadets.

After the parade across the Teatralnaya Square, the Peace March and the column of the “Immortal Regiment” were held, too, the participants of which carried portraits of relatives who defended their homeland during the Great Patriotic War and during the Kiev aggression in Donbass.

More than 40 thousand people took part in the celebration of the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War in Lugansk. This was reported in the press service of the public movement “Mir Luganshchine (Peace to Lugansk land)”.

“More than 40,000 employees of the enterprises of the republic’s capital and towns, pupils of schools, students, members of youth and public organizations, soldiers of the People’s Militia, veterans, doctors and educators, miners and civil servants took part in the Peace March and the “Immortal Regiment of the Lugansk region.”

DONi News Agency