1917-2017: Centennial of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Angelo D’Angelo, PhD. is the National Chair of UFSP. He is pictured here with Caleb Maupin of RT News Service.

Happy New Year! This year we honor our Soviet comrades on the 100th anniversary of the October revolution. There is much to celebrate; the victory over fascism, the first woman in space, a Soviet economy that outproduced the capitalist west. All of these things are important because they demonstrate the power of socialism: workers’ power, Soviet power. That’s not to say that socialism in the USSR was perfect. Of course many mistakes were made. But for the first time on earth, workers held power in their hands. The Soviet power made the bosses tremble. One day it will return, not exactly as it was because we have learned a great deal from the mistakes we have made. This is a tribute to the science and world outlook of Marxism-Leninism. This new year offers many challenges, but it also has great potential. Let us study and learn from our Soviet comrades. Arise ye mighty land!